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Special Guest Of The week"Derrick Simms"
Anyone who has something to do with Underground Hip
Hop. This is your chance to tell the world about the
new project your promoting or what ever it is you do in
the entertainment business. But Internet radio has no
limit to how many listeners you can get. Every Friday
Night @11:00PM Eastern  -  10:00 PM Central Diamond
Globe Radio interview artist, Producers, Song Writers,
Lyricists, or anyone who has something to do with
Underground Hip Hop. We play your songs in between
topics. When your a guest on the show we put the
spotlight on you. We never downgrade any guest on
the show. Our goal is to make you feel like the star that
you are. So if your interested in being a guest on the
show send us 3 of your copyrighted songs. Your URL's
so we can get information on you to discuss. We do our
research on you to learn more about you before the
show. Your phone number would be great! That way
you can inform us on what you don't want to talk about
but thats optional. So If your interested send all
your info: to
killashok@yahoo.com The call in number to
the show is (805) 285-9750. Try to call in 5-10
minutes early so we can have you on the line before
start time. If you need to cancel please give at lease 48
hour notice. You can check out previous shows at
www.blogtalkradio.com/diamondgloberadio Thanks for
stopping by looking forward to having you as the next
special guest
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Tune in on Friday Nights @11:00
PM Eastern 10:00 PM Central. You
can call in and speak live to the
Must be at least 21 years of age Mature males only.
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